Swiss-Sino Innovation Forum 2017

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Dec 09, 2017, Saturday



Zurich Marriott Hotel

Neumühlequai 42, 8006 Zürich, Switzerland


(Chinese-English simultaneous interpretation is available in this forum)

9:00 – 9:30          Arrival and Registration

9:30 – 10:30        Opening remarks

10.30 – 11.00        Signing ceremony

  • Longjiang Group with TRS

11:00 – 11:30        Keynote Speeches

12:00 – 13:30        Lunch Buffet

13:30 – 16:30        Startups Presentation

16:30 – 17:00        Closing remark

  • (TBC)

17.00 – 18.00        Networking and Apero



Swiss-Sino Innovation Center (SSIC)

New Huadu Business School Switzerland (NBS)

Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Switzerland (CASTS)



In recent years, Sino-Swiss relations have been deepening in multiple areas. In particular, since the two countries signed the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement in 2013 and came into effect in July 2014, the open economy has brought a win-win situation. In April 2016, when the Swiss Federal President Schneider-Ammann visited China, the two countries established a new position of innovative Strategic Partnership. This is the first time that China has established a strategic partnership with foreign countries to mark innovation, which reflects the most prominent features of Sino-Swiss relations, and marks a new stage of the bilateral relationship. In January 2017, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Switzerland, and deepened into a new vitality for Sino-Swiss Innovative Strategic Partnership. In May 2017, the Switzerland president Doris Leuthard officially visited China and represented Switzerland at the summit on the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing. The two sides stressed that the Belt and Road Initiative had the potential to further deepen Sino-Swiss relations – in the spirit of the innovative strategic partnership.

New Huadu Business School (NBS) is a public institution of higher education funded by New Huadu Foundation. In its early days, NBS positioned its operations as entrepreneurship & innovation, and made bold innovation in pattern of school running, governance structure and teaching mode, thus being recommended as a pilot education and reform unit by the Ministry of Education. In 2013, in the context of globalization of Chinese enterprises and Chinese education, NBS repositioned its operations as parallel development of entrepreneurship & innovation and internationalization. In order to further promote the in-depth development of the Innovative Strategic Partnership between China and Switzerland, to promote the effective docking between China and Switzerland for both market and innovative enterprises, NBS and Swiss-Sino Innovation Center (SSIC) are going to jointly organize the Swiss-Sino Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cooperation Forum 2017 (SSIECF2017) to effectively promote cooperation in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship between the two countries.



Switzerland is one of the world’s most innovative countries. High-tech industries and high-end services, such as medical science, high-end manufacturing, communications and information technology, financial services, etc, are also the most wellknown in the world. With a vast market and abundant capital, China has become the best partner for Switzerland Innovation. Moreover, as China’s first free trade partner in the European continent, Switzerland is one of the best channels for Chinese companies to go abroad. The purpose of SSIECF 2017 is therefore to facilitate inter-linkages in the following three areas and to seek practical implementation of a number of specific projects:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation: Promote Sino-Swiss innovation and entrepreneurship docking and cooperation, help Swiss high-tech innovations and start-ups find Chinese investors to grow both in China and Switzerland.
  • Swiss enterprises to China: Help small and medium-sized Swiss companies find Chinese partners, develop Chinese market and business.
  • Chinese enterprises to Switzerland: Help Chinese enterprises enter Swiss and European markets, find European partners.


List of Confirmed Participants

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Switzerland

Embassy of Switzerland in People’s Republic of China

Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI)

Swissnex China

Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group, COB

2006 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Switzerland (CASTS)

  • Chairman, Dr. Dai Yong

Institute of International and Strategic Studies (IISS), Peking University

  • Vice Chairman, Prof. Yu Hongjun

CaiXin Media

CEFC International Group Limited

  • Board Member, Mr. Zhao Cun

Longjiang Environmental Protection Group

  • President, Mr. Piao Yongjian

Campus Stiftung

  • Founder and president, Mr. Paul Schenker

Kunwu Jiuding Investment Holdings

  • COB, Mr. Cai Lei

Germsray Capital

  • CEO, Liu Hexu

Hecom Technology

  • CEO, Liu Xuechen

Semptian Technologies

  • COB, Mr. Chen Longsen

China Construction Bank Zurich Branch

  • CEO, Mr Gong Weiyun

Oriental Fortune Capital

  • COB, Mr. Chen Wei

China Grand Prosperity Investment

  • Vice President, Mr. Xie Zuoqiang

Hainan Group, Swissport International Ltd

  • CEO, Mr. Liu Peng

UBS (China) Limited.

  • CEO, Mr. Qian Yujun


  • Mr Francois Stieger

Swiss Chinese Chambers of Commerce

  • Managing Director, Ms. Wei Beilun, President Mr. Felix Suter

Swiss Chinese Association

  • President, Mr. Thomas Wagner and vice-President, Ms. Wang Wei


Media Support

Xinhua News Agency

Caixin Media



Phoenix Television



Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group

Longjiang Environmental Protection Group

Campus Stiftung

Kunwu Jiuding Investment Holdings

Germsray Capital

Hecom Technology

Semptian Technologies

Adveq Management AG

China Construction Bank Zurich Branch

Oriental Fortune Capital

China Grand Prosperity Investment (TBD)

Zhongshan City, Guangdong

Shenzhen City, Guangdong (TBD)